Virtualisation with Microsoft

Virtualisation with Microsoft

Dionar specialises and is certified in Microsoft virtualisation solutions.

Virtualisation is the combination of several server processes on less physical servers. This ensures that you make more flexible use of your hardware capacity, save costs immediately and increase the performance and availability of your ICT environment. It also ensures easy management of your entire environment.

Hyper-V is an integral part of Windows Servers and offers a professional virtualisation platform that enables you to save costs simply. Hyper-V gives you more flexibility with functionalities such as live migration and shared cluster volumes for storage flexibility.

In collaboration with Microsoft, we will provide you with the most extensive set of technologies that will enable you develop over time. Whether you wish to virtualise, build a private cloud, expand your services via a public cloud, or a mix of all three, Microsoft data centre solutions will help you manage your ICT better and simplify your journey to cloud computing.

Would you like to consolidate, centralise or virtualise? We will help you determine what suits your situation best, both now and in the future. Dionar will help you simplify your ICT in order to contribute to the growth of your business. Would you like to hear more about the possibilities? Don’t hesitate to contact us.