Unlimited backups at a fixed and low rate!

Unlimited backups at a fixed and low rate! Dionar is innovating with SkyKick, a unique cloud backup solution for Office 365 customers.
Microsoft has the security of Office 365 data well under control. The data is encrypted and secured in several data centres using copies.
But things can still go wrong, for example, if a user accidentally deletes a large quantity of data. There are options within Office 365 to restore one or the other but for large quantities of data this is an exceptionally time-consuming process. However, when the error is only discovered 3 months later, the deleted data will definitely be lost (co-depending on the Office 365 variant and the configured settings).
Dionar is a partner of SkyKick. This innovative cloud backup service enables Dionar to secure a copy of your data to another location. The data can also be returned to its original location quickly and easily.
In this respect, we distinguish ourselves from the competition, in that the costs are not calculated on the basis of the quantity of data, but based on the number of users. This could be of interest to many Office 365 clients in the SME segment, as it allows them to have a fully-fledged and reliable backup solution at a relatively low cost. Also unique is that these fixed rates also give the user access to unlimited storage capacity, in which an unlimited number of backups can be stored. These backups can be made up to six times a day and retained for as long as you wish.