Security Scan services as an anniversary gift!

Lately, there have been more and more notifications in the media about hacked computer systems, ransomware and other digital misfortune. Your business is also at risk of being affected by this. How secure is your working environment?
In the field of security, one of our major focus points, Dionar offers various security scans, of which the extensive scan is the most in-depth. You will gain insight into what is actually happening within your organisation.
One of our System Engineers will pay you a visit to drop off a special Security Toolkit that enables Dionar to compile detailed reports. These reports will be discussed with you and will contain points for improvement. You can let Dionar tackle these points without any obligation.
Respond quickly before you are confronted with unpleasant and expensive surprises and/or compelled by laws and regulations.

Dionar offers the following Security Scan services:

  • Free Scan
  • Basic Scan
  • Extensive Scan
Dionar has existed almost 20 years and we are celebrating that with a Security Scan promotion:
Let a professional examine your complete ICT environment
for security and operational continuity at a rate of €795 ex VAT (instead of €1,295)