ICT Outsourcing

Dionar will take care of your ICT management. You have come to the right place for both remote and on-site support. We can implement all your wishes in the field of ICT. Having just one ICT partner works to your advantage.

We prefer to lay down any agreements in a client-specific contract so that your expectations are clear as well as the costs involved. The required service level, type of service provision and associated response times are described in the contract. This contract will be fully customised and is sufficiently flexible to accommodate further growth within your organisation.

The administrators of Dionar make use of an administration application that enables us to remotely monitor your network 24/7. This setup enables us to proactively perform maintenance on your network. This helps us to prevent problems or solve them without you even being aware of it.

In this day and age, almost everything in the field of ICT can be taken care of remotely. The downside however is that personal contact is lost somewhat. However, we will continue to visit you in order to ensure the quality of our service provision and collaboration. We could even conclude ‘secondment’ agreements (system manager and/or on-site user support) where your ‘own’ on-site ICT specialist can offer even more personal support. Our business contacts appreciate this personal and flexible approach, which has led to a higher user-satisfaction and growth in our services.

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