Online Backup

Online Backup

Online backup is a service. For a fixed amount per GB, you will be assured of a secure backup without having to invest in hardware or software. You only have to set the online backup once, after which all following backups will be carried out automatically. Monitoring is subsequently quick and easy.


The online backup ensures immediate secure external storage of your data. This eliminates hazards such as fire and theft. Encrypting the data, the secured internet connection (SSL) and storing the data in a solid and secure data centre guarantees maximum privacy. Your backup data will be safe when transferred and idle. The backup data is stored on the basis of replicating the geographic areas, which means that six copies of your data will be stored in two data centres. Thanks to the service availability of 99.9% the back-up offers each organisation peace of mind.


An online backup ensures that your data is continuously and immediately available. In the event of a data loss, you can immediately start restoring your data, which is a very quick and simple process. All you need to do is tick the desired backup data and select the target location. Your files and folders will be on your computer again in no time at all. You could also opt for storing multiple backup versions of your files. Modified files will be backed up as new versions. In this way, you can retrieve week-old data.

  • Automation: schedule the backup daily, weekly, monthly or annually
  • Storage: the data can be stored for up to 99 years
  • Bandwidth: bandwidth management ensures that uploading takes place during off-peak hours
  • Incremental: after the first backup, only the modified and new files will be stored
  • Compression: data is compressed at the client’s location, so that less bandwidth and storage is used
  • Secure: the data is stored in an encrypted form and the key is monitored locally
  • Reliable: three copies are stored in one data centre and, upon request, in data centres at other locations

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