Is your telephone exchange ready for the holidays?

The holidays are approaching with rasse steps. While you’re hanging up the last office decorations, the battle for the ‘best’ Christmas sweater is being waged and the perfect Christmas party is planned, it’s easy to forget the impact the holiday can have for your customers who are trying to get you Reach. The upcoming holidays usually mean fewer people in the office with more flexible work, or the office can be completely closed during this festive period. But that doesn’t mean everything stops for your customers and you still want to provide the best support and the best level of service you can.

This can really help you with the single functions of your telephone exchange. This year, in addition to writing our list to Santa Claus, we have been working on this list to give you some tips to make your power plant work for you during the holidays, so you can watch Home Alone again this year (Yes, film 1 , 2, 3 EN 4) without worrying about your accessibility.

Welcome message

The welcome message is one of the most convenient features you can deploy during the holidays. If you are already using this feature, you can change it at Christmas to keep your customers informed of the office’s opening hours or perhaps other ways they can reach you. You can even add some festive cheers to your post!

If you haven’t set a welcome message to your power station at the moment, you can always set up a temporary one, especially for the holidays very convenient!


If your office is open during the holidays, but at shorter or custom times. Whether closed on certain days, open the doors a little later and close earlier: you can change a timetable per group to manage your telephone accessibility. Do you want calls to be diverted directly to voicemail outside these hours or going to another group of people? Rules for the time of day make this easy and easy to manage. They can be implemented in advance for the next 7 days. Would Dionar prefer to manage this for you? No problem. This way you are sure that your office will be accessible again the next working day if you forget to change accessibility.

Remote office

Christmas and new year is the time of year when most of us want to be home to spend time with family and friends. But that doesn’t mean you have to be completely unattainable. Flexible working and working remotely is becoming increasingly popular in daily work, especially for smaller companies. Your telephone exchange allows redirects to be set up so that calls to your mobile phone (or even a landline) are sent, so that they pass into the office at the same time as your office phone if you are not there. Dionar VoIP allows you to easily and easily move your desk phone home, you only need a reliable Internet connection and power source for your phone!

Get the most out of Dionar’s telephone exchange. Use our extensive features to ensure that people can reach you when needed and that they are easily and professionally helped if not.

Dionar wishes you very happy holidays and excellent accessibility in 2020.