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Our services

Dionar is a pragmatic ICT service provider specialised in advising, delivering and managing reliable and innovative ICT solutions for SMEs. We support our clients in the realisation of (business) goals by taking care of all ICT needs. With more than 20 years experience, we are happy to help you solve ICT issues.

Cloud Services

ICT requirements of businesses and users are changing. Cloud computing is developing rapidly in order to fulfil this changing need as quickly as possible. Cloud computing makes IT as scalable as needed, and takes care of maintenance and management.Read more »

ICT Solutions

Dionar is very good at realising ICT solutions and projects including the corresponding support. It is possible for you, as our client, to let us execute the the entire project alone, in collaboration with your own staff or to just bring us in as a supplier.

Read more »

ICT Outsourcing

Dionar will take care of your ICT management. You have come to the right place for both remote and on-site support. We can implement all your wishes in the field of ICT. Having just one ICT partner works to your advantage.Read more »

SME Quickscan

Our Quickscan will give you a good impression as to whether your IT environment still meets your set requirements and which aspects could be improved. This is possible with a view to the future, continuity, security, mobility and/or productivity.Read more »

Free SME Quickscan

Get in touch now and request a free SME Quickscan for your business without any obligation!